Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simply Linked: It's a New "Mr. Linky"

Hey, remember all those problems Mr. Linky had and how there was really no good alternative if you wanted to put a link list on your blog?

Enter Simply Linked, a free service that allows you to place link lists on your blog. Simply sign up and create a new list. You'll be able to view your lists on your dashboard at Simply-Linked.com. Simply Linked lets you create link lists especially for Carnivals and Memes, too.

The Simply Linked dashboard allows you to view and edit each link that's been submitted (and delete links if necessary). You can set your list to "inactive" and even import lists from Mr. Linky and other services.

One issue that I'm seeing is that the URL can't be more than 50 characters, a limit that's easily exceeded with Blogger post page URLs. The easy workaround? Use bit.ly or another URL shortening service to shrink your link.

Here's what it looks like on your page. There are no customization features, but I think it's pretty sleek. This one's live. Help me test it. Feel free to link to a great post you've written lately.

So what do you think?