Monday, October 12, 2009

Critique this Blog #35: Frugal Femina

Today we're critiquing the blog Blogger Katie, who's been at it since March, posts "Fun & Thrifty Talk for a Well-Managed Home." Recent posts include current grocery store and drugstore deals, some freebies, a giveaway, and a "Menu Plan Monday" post. Katie wants your advice about the following. She asks:
  • Does the design look clean and professional? Anything you don't like?
  • Should I have two columns in the right sidebar instead of 1 to organize things better?
  • Is it ok to have search/categories/archives in the top linkbar instead of in the sidebar?
  • I really go back and forth on whether or not I should post all the store deals/coupon matchups each week (Kroger, Target, CVS, etc.). When I take time to do that, I feel like I lose time to write more meaningful posts. I don't want to be *only* the deals. What do you think?
  • This is a fairly new blog for me. Any tips for more consistent stats, or does it seem like I'm on the right track?
BlogCoach readers, is Katie on the right track with Frugal Femina? Should she tweak her blog's design? What do you think about her "deal vs. other post" balance?