Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Unobtrusive Way to Disclose Affiliate Links

As you probably know, FTC guidelines went into effect on December 1 calling for bloggers to disclose any material connection or freebies they receive related to reviews and endorsements.  Opinions seem to be mixed when it comes to whether new FTC guidelines require bloggers to disclose affiliate links.

I can't help thinking that one reason some bloggers aren't doing so is because it seems too awkward (not to mention distracting) to work the disclosure into the post. Here's an easy, clever way to disclose that I picked up from the marvelous It's clear, yet fairly subtle:

Add the following hover text to your affilate link:

title="disclosure text you want to use" target=_blank"

Like this:

<a href="" title="disclosure text you want to use" target=_blank"<Link text></a>

When readers point their mouse over your link, they'll see your disclosure. Try it: Affiliate Link

Read more about FTC guidelines and affiliate disclosure:
So what do you think? Do you disclose affiliate links?